Beauty is everywhere, in all shapes and sizes. We tailor each session to the individual client and run from tame to racy, and everything in between!

Our sessions are not simply a photoshoot, but an experience to be remembered. From your initial consultation to your final reveal, the experience is all about you.


Couples & Men

Boudoir isn't just for women; everyone deserves to feel confident and sexy!  We welcome individual men for custom sessions, tailored specifically to you. 

Couples sessions are a beautiful way to celebrate your relationship with a custom session for you and your special someone(s). We welcome relationships of all kinds!

General Frequently Asked Questions

Why are there no print options in your packages?

Instead of offering prints, which can be extremely costly to you, I choose to give you a CD a select number of the best shots from the day for you to take to a print shop and have printed again and again! Just think – you could make your own prints, greeting cards, calanders, etc. with no additional payment to me, the photographer.

What do your prices include?

Potential clients often don't think about what goes into the pricing for a photoshoot. Remember – you're not just paying for the photographers time at the shoot. There is the rental of the studio, consultation and planning time, and processing time. With some packages, there is also hair, make-up, wardrobe, coaching, and set design.

Of course, you are also receiving licence to the photographs you choose allowing you to print them whenever you like, as many times as you like.

Can I get more edited images than what my package includes?

Absolutely! You can order more images at a per image rate. Rates vary according to the type of photography so please ask for rates for your particular package.

What should I do to prepare?

When you book your shoot, you will receive and e-mail with instructions on what you should do to prepare for your shoot.

How soon after the shoot will I see my photos?

Processing time is approximately 4-6 weeks. If you need your photos faster, that can be arranged for a small rush fee.

Do you do on-location photography?

Absolutely! I can come to your home or a location of your choice. Please note that on location and travel fees will apply.

What payment options do you accept?

I accept cash, check (must be cleared before shoot date) debit (via paypal), and credit card.

Can I come in for a consultation?

Since I am a stay-at-home Mom of 4 (yes four under 8 years of age) the time that I'm not shooting is spent at home. Therefore, I do all consultations through e-mail and phone. If you really feel the need to meet beforehand, however, we may be able to work something out!

Will my photos be in colour or black and white?

You will receive your selected photos in colour or black and white.

Do you offer other types of photography?

Yes, if you can think it up, I'm willing to discuss shooting it!

Pin-up/Boudoir Frequently Asked Questions 

I don't look like a model – can I still do a pin-up shoot?

Absolutely - Pin-up is all about attitude! Anyone can look fantastic as a pin-up girl. You would also be amazed how much of difference hair, make-up, and wardrobe make (Photoshop doesn't hurt either!).

Can I have a friend with me?

You certainly can! If having someone in the studio with you makes you more comfortable, but all means, bring them along.

Where should pin-up parties take place?

Pin-up parties take place in a location you supply. A relatively clear space roughly 12x15' minimum is needed. Some suggestions are your home, a hotel room, or a community centre. If you can not secure a location, we can shoot in the studio for an additional fee.

Do I have to be naked?

You can be, but you definitely don't have to be. Sexy can happen from fully clothed all the way down to completely naked. We will shoot you in whatever you are comfortable wearing.

Can I have someone else in my shoot, like a friend or boyfriend?

Absolutely! For an additional $100 fee, you can add a second model to your shoot. Please note, however, that this may mean that we don't have time for individual shots.


With fifteen years of shoot experience, countless projects completed, and a love for collaboration, Sarah strives to deliver exactly what you want from every session.




  • Up to 1.5 hours of shoot time
  • 1-2 looks
  • 1-2 backdrops/sets
  • 3 of the best images from the shoot, fully edited and ready to print


  • Up to 3 hours of shoot time
  • 2-3 looks
  • 2+ backdrops/sets
  • 6 of the best images from the shoot, fully edited and ready to print


  • Up to 6 hours of shoot time
  • 6-7 looks
  • 3+ backdrops/sets
  • 12 of the best images from the shoot, fully edited and ready to print


  • Full day of shoot time
  • 12 looks (one for each month)
  • 24 of the best images from the shoot, fully edited and ready to print
  • Full colour printed calender

Contact & Bookings

Are you ready to book a session?

Do you have a project, question, or idea? I'm always open to new assignments, collaborations, and discussions. If you'd like to set up a booking or get a hold of me, just fill out your details! I look forward to working together!